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"Trust your line...Trust your stroke"

When we teach "the best putting stroke you can make" we emphasize that direction be maintained on the "target line" during the stroke, as well as at address.

Trust Your Line
No matter the golfer's natural or learned stance; spine angle, hand position, lie angle or other set-up preferences, the Circle of Trust visibly points the direction of the putter face.  The Circle of Trust shape makes the flat face of the putter a directional aiming device.  It converts your putter from a club to a putting teaching tool.  At address, your target line choice is confirmed more than ever.  With practice, you begin to trust your alignment.  Certainly a great way to start your stroke!

Trust Your Stroke
It is important that the hit becomes a stroke.  We don't hit putts.  We stroke them.  Distance and accuracy are controlled better with a stroked ball.  With the Circle of Trust on your putter, you have no choice, but to stroke the putt.  Make a conscious effort to keep the putter head low on the backswing and follow through.  A natural release out of the circle assures a stroke, which produces outstanding distance control.

Direction and Stroke Together
Practicing with the Circle of Trust allows you to make putts inside 10 feet confidently and with regularity.  We teach a directional awareness during the stroke.  Of major importance is to maintain the target line direction while executing the stroke.  Done well together, you can't miss!

The Circle of Trust is manufactured in the United States.

Weighing three grams, it is made of specially formulated acrylic and laser etched for durability.

Special 3M adhesive tape secures the Circle of Trust to your putter with no residual adhesive when removed.

Three strips are supplied with your purchase, which provides 150-180 applications.

Store the Circle of Trust in the specially treated storage bag that is included with your purchase.

Instructions are provided detailing the repetitions used to grow trust in your line and stroke.