Circle of Trust - Golf Putting Techniques
"To break 80, you have to do two things when it comes to putting: make three-putts extremely infrequent and make a very high percentage from inside 5 feet. "

"NEWS FLASH: You have to make the knee-knockers if you're going to break 80, and this is where you're really going to have to do a bit of grinding."
"I love how simple it was to put on and take off which allowed me to roll a few then putt a few"  
~ Mary C. - Springfield, MA
"I usually miss putts to the right but the Circle of Trust helped me keep the putter moving down the line." 
~ John, Phoenix, AZ

As you can see I bought my third circle of trust, for each of us that play golf and it has made a tremendous difference in our putting and we all believe in this training aid. 

My son and I had them and then my husband had to have it as well. I cannot tell you how helpful it has been for all of our games. It has also saved me a lot of money on putting lessons. 

People should get rid of those ridiculous belly putters and just use the circle of trust!

~ Lisa P, Deham, MA

Did something Saturday that I have not done in 10 years. I went out just to practice putting - with your device for about an hour in 98 degrees here in Vegas.

I did something Sunday that I have not done in 3 years - shot 78 from the blue tees where I average 83 to 86 - two birdies. I used the product in my pre-round warm ups - loved it.

The product got me back to my old putting stroke and when I took it off the putter my confidence was back.

Thanks again! 
~Greg, Las Vegas, NV

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