Circult of Trust - Putting Techniques
"The best teaching aid value in golf."

The Circle of Trust is revolutionizing putting stroke development.

Portable, simple to use and extraordinarily effective, its patented design and function grooves a repeatable stroke that builds confidence.

There will be no more three putts and putts from 10 feet drop-in with regularity.  Attach the Circle of Trust on your putter anytime, anywhere.  Take it to the course before you tee off.  It will be the best 15 minutes spent before you play.

Circle of Trust golf training aid is a unique golf putting system which allows golfers to learn proper putting motion through mind memory for a trustworthy stroke.
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"If you can't putt, you better find yourself another game. That's for sure, no matter how good you may be!"  

~Ken Venturi on the "Feherty Show"
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Your putting stroke consists of two different motions - back stroke and your follow through.

Your back stroke and forward stroke are crucial in aligning the proper golf putt.  Circle of Trust provides the proper putting stroke by keeping your putter head low to the ground all the way back and through the hitting zone.  This technique allows you to release the golf putter down the target line, giving you a pure golf putting stroke.

​Circle of Trust may be used with all styles of putters, including putters with an insert on the face.  We have worked closely with 3M to design a secure and user friendly double-sided adhesive tape that allows for secure fastening to putters with or without inserts.  Circle of Trust comes in an array of colors and is a cost-effective addition to your golf training.  It is also a perfect giveaway for golf tournaments or corporate functions.  Circle of Trust can be customized to accommodate your logo.

Circle of Trust guarantees you will become a better putter and if you are not satisfied with our product within the first 30 days, send it back for a full refund.

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