Instructions for "CIRCLE OF TRUST"

Place the “Circle of Trust” approximately 1/4 inch to a 1/2 inch from the bottom edge of the putter, center it to the face of your putter using the tape side (remove liner). 

Be sure that it is parallel to the ground. 

On a putting surface, place a golf ball in the center hole, address a putt and begin your stroke. 

Note: On your back swing, be sure to keep your club close to the ground and down the swing path. 

As you begin your forward stroke, keep the ball rolling inside the center of the hole, keep the putter moving down the swing path forward while maintaing even tempo. 

As you end your stroke, you will need to release your putter toe to release the ball down the target line. 

This is a pure stroke!
- Start out with a 2’-3’ putt.   -- Practice 6-8 times.
- Move your ball to 5’-6’.       -- Practice 8-10 times.
- Move out to 8’-10’.             -- Practice 10-12 times.

Remove “Circle of Trust” and place your ball 6’ from the hole.  Practice 10 putts to feel the purest stroke.
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Did You Know?

58% of your time golfing is on the putting surface. whether you are practicing or playing a round of golf, your score is determined by how well you putt. the “circle of trust” is designed to create that perfect stroke. no matter if you are a beginner or professional, muscle memory through repetition will create the ultimate putting stroke.
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